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Alas Mentaok or Mentaok Forest is a forest that once existed in the region of Yogyakarta Special Region of Yogyakarta, is one of the provinces in the State of Indonesia. Alas Mentaok location in the eastern city of Yogyakarta and the southern airport or in the vicinity Banguntapan.

In ancient times, Alas Mentaok a former territory of Old Mataram Kingdom which controls territory south part of Central Java at the 8 th century until the 10th century. After the Hindu Mataram kingdom to move the center of the East Java regional central region finally the old empire into the woods and called Alas Mentaok.

Mataram Bhumi is the old name for Yogyakarta and surrounding areas. In this area for the first time the court is expected to stand Medang Kingdom (Kingdom Bhumi Medang Mataram). This name is found in some inscriptions, such as Minto and Inscription Inscription Anjukladang. Mataram term then commonly used to name the kingdom as a whole, although not always this kingdom centered there.

Medang Kingdom is the name of a kingdom that stands in Central Java in the 8th century, then moved to East Java in the 10th century, and finally collapsed in the early 11th century.In general, the term commonly Kingdom Medang only used to refer to the period when the location of the kingdom was in East Java alone, but based on the inscriptions have been found, Medang name has been known since the previous period, ie during the period of royal sites in Central Java.

Meanwhile, the name commonly used to refer to the period of the Kingdom Medang Central Java is the kingdom of Mataram, which refers to any area of this royal capital. Sometimes to distinguish it from the Islamic Mataram Kingdom which was founded in the 16th century, the Kingdom of Central Java Medang usual period is also called the Ancient or namaKerajaan Mataram Hindu Kingdom of Mataram.

After a few centuries later became the region Alas Mentaok Pajai Sultanate In 1556, when the Empire led by Sultan Pajang Hadiwijaya or Jaka Tingkir, Alas Mentaok region, which is also called the Earth at the time of Mataram, was given to Ki Ageng Pamanahan as a reward for his success to quell pemberontakanArya Penangsang . Then after that Alas Mentaok then open a dense forest into a village by Ki Ageng Pamanahan and Martani Savior. Alas Mentaok villages which are then named Mataram and status as a fief or autonomous or tax-free areas.

Over time, the region growing Alas Mentaok and the administrative center of the Sultanate of Mataram. Now, the former Alas Mentaok region has become part of Yogyakarta city where there is also KeratonKasultanan Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat

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